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Secure Collaboration for the Military

Designed to provide the warfighter with secure communications without compromise.

Sensitive military communications need complete security from both foreign and domestic cyber threats. Wickr RAM recognizes those threats and provides uncompromising security for your collaboration needs whether your team is in the field, at the base, or back at home.

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Wickr RAM Support

For 24/7 phone support for Wickr RAM, contact 850-374-5853 or 833-457-0457.

Unmatched Security

Wickr’s industry-leading multilayered end-to-end encryption ensures that your communications remain secure. Every message is encrypted with a new random key at the application level prior to transmission over TLS. Our zero trust architecture can tolerate a full back-end breach without compromising message content.

Powerful Integrations

Wickr RAM enables full control over military data and communications. Admins can take advantage of Wickr RAM’s automation capabilities, which enables users to interact with special automated users, or Bots. For example, you can use the Broadcast Bot to broadcast information to your entire network of users in a compliant and trusted manner.

Our Partners & Customers


Global Federation

Your Secure Link Between Private Sector Devices and Government Clients

Administrators of private Wickr networks can allow users with free public accounts to communicate with those inside of the protected network without compromising its security.